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Updated as of commit 65389e3 (2016-06-12)

Note: Everything is subject to change during early development


_______ in the interface doesn't work

Outside of inventory and equipment management, most elements of the Main Menu (opened via dash on numpad) are either in a read-only state, or cause the client to hang if you try to use them. Refer to Feature_Status to see what's generally functioning.

_______ in the world doesn't work

Currently, the only functioning elements are doors with known IDs assigned, and whichever actors are scripted to have interaction. Refer to Feature_Status to see what's generally functioning.

How do I skip the opening tutorial?

As it stands, you'll have to go into map server's scripts folder and modify player.lua. Notepad will work if you have no dedicated LUA reader.
Open it up and comment out the If statement involving player:getPlayTime. LUA commenting uses -- for a line, or --[[ with --]] to comment a block.
Now create/recreate a character and warp out of the starting location.

I keep seeing script errors in the log

These are for debugging purposes and will be remedied over time as the actors (NPCs/Enemies/etc) are fully implemented.

What are the commands?

Refer to Debug_Commands

The game hangs at the loading screen

This is an uncommon issue with the Map server. Just close and reload it, the game will prompt and error and return you to the lobby where you can try again.

I only see actors in the Adventurer's Guild

The cities are broken up into two zone IDs internally, as they were on retail servers. One for the Adventurer's Guild, and one for the rest of the city.
Seamless changing of Zone IDs are currently not implemented, but you can utilize the warp command to change them yourself.
The zone IDs for the cities are as follow:
Location Guild City
Limsa Lominsa 133 230
Gridania 155 206
Ul'dah 175 209

I can't get a certain Zone ID to work

The zone list from Regions isn't fully implemented in the server_zones database.
Some of the zoneName and className fields have yet to be determined for authenticity.

How do I use the mounts?

There is currently no ingame means of obtaining them.
To manually add the Chocobo and/or Goobue mount to a character:
  • Open up your ffxiv_server database, get your character's ID from the characters table
  • Go into the characters_chocobo table, insert a row, enter the character's ID in the first column
  • Set the hasChocobo/hasGoobue boolean flags from 0 to 1, leave chocoboAppearance to null, and give it a name.
  • Reload the map server if you had it running for it to reload the character data


The login page doesn't show

Ensure your Apache/PHP/SQL services are properly running and that the contents of the www folder from the Classic Server project have been copied over.
Also ensure the ports are properly open. Default settings have port 80 for Apache, 3306 for SQL. The latter can be changed for the project by modifying <Project Directory>/data/config.ini