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Compiling from source

Compiler Requirements

Compiler Requirements
Operating Sytem Tool
Windows Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017 Download
Linux/macOS Mono Download
Windows Compiler Requirements
Name Version
NuGet 3.4 (or newer) Officially supported
NET Framework 4.5.2 Targeting Pack Officially supported
Select the .Net Targetting packs required for Project Meteor

You will need the appropriate build tools for your operating system. Links have been provided. For Windows users using MSBuild, please refer to the picture compiler requirements and make sure that each of the targeting packs and NuGet are installed. As sample image of the installer has been provided.


Getting the Source Code

Via Sourcetree
1. Download and install SourceTree
2. Clone in Sourcetree
3. Select folder to clone source code to
Clone in SoureTree
Manually via Bitbucket
1. Go to the Server source code
2. Click the "Downloads" button on the sidebar
3. Click the Branches button on the navigation bar
4. Select your desired branch. (We recommend Master for stability or Develop for the latest changes)
5. Extract to the desired folder

Pre-Compilation Steps

1. Navigate to the location the game client has been installed to and copy the following file:
<FINAL FANTASY XIV client install location>\client\script\rq9q1797qvs.san
2. Navigate to the location of the server source code and rename rq9q1797qvs.san to:
<Project Meteor Server source location>\data\staticactors.bin
3. Download the Cake file for Project Meteor.


Run build.cmd on windows or on Linux/macOS
1. Extract the contents of into the <Project Meteor source location> folder.
2. Windows: Double-click build.cmd Mac/Linux: Run from your terminal.