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Updated as of commit a4d3e91 (2016-07-27)


This is for setting up a server for the FINAL FANTASY XIV v1.23b client, the original iteration of the game.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN client is not compatible with this project.


Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, like most large scale MMO's, consists of multiple servers working in unison to manage connected clients and their interactions with the game world.

Server Layout

A working install of Project Meteor Server installation consists of the following:
1. Login Server: A web server that manages user accounts and the login process for the game client
2. Database Server: Contains the user accounts, their characters, and game assets (such as item and NPC information)
3. Lobby Server: Manages the characters associated with each user account, and their connection states, also tracks the status of the game servers
4. World Servers: Manages the world state and interacts with the client as the user plays the game
5. Map Servers: Game Server instances (one instance per world currently) that tracks the player state and interacts with the client as the user plays the game
Official game server layout

1. World 1 Game Server

  • Region 1-A Map Server
  • Region 1-B Map Server
  • ...
  • Region 1-N Map Server

2. World 2 Game Server

  • Region 2-A Map Server
  • Region 2-B Map Server
  • ...
  • Region 2-N Map Server

3. World 3 Game Server ... N. World N Map Server

While there can be multiple game servers to represent multiple worlds, there are only a single Login/Lobby/Database server per site. The servers do not require that they are all installed on the same machine, only that they can communicate with each other, either though the local network, or though the internet. A small installation might consist of all 4 servers being hosted on the same machine as the client, whereas a large install might have each individual server hosted on separate OS/machine instances.
Unlike the official/retail servers, currently there can only be a single game server instance per world. Future plans are to optionally break up the game server to be per region, instead of one game server per world, similar to how the official servers run.

Running and installing Project Meteor Server

Unlike the game client, which mainly consists of installing, launching, and optionally patching the game as needed, setting up a working Project Meteor Server site requires the ability to install multiple pieces of software and configuring them so that the servers can communicate with each other.
A person interested in setting up their own Project Meteor Server site must be able to do the following:
  1. Have the ability to install software on one or more machines, and following the instructions on how to do so
  2. Understand how to find their IP and what an IP is
  3. Understand the basic concepts what GIT is and compiling software (actual ability to code is not required)
  4. Able to read and understand tables of data/database entries (extensive SQL knowledge is not required)


Running the Server

Operating Systems
Name Support Level
Windows 7 Officially Supported
Windows 8.1 Works/Unsupported
Windows 10 Officially Supported
Windows Server 2016 Works/Unsupported
Windows 8 Should work/Untested
Windows XP (or older) Unsupported
Windows Vista Unsupported

Web Server
Name Support Level
Apache 2.4 (or newer) Officially supported
nginx 1.10 (or newer) Works/Unsupported
SQL Engine
Name Support Level
MySQL 5.7 (or newer) Officially supported
MariaDB 10.1 (or newer) Works/Unsupported
PHP Processor
Name Support Level
PHP 7 (or newer) Officially supported

Running the client

Client Requirements
Name Version
Final Fantasy XIV 1.23b 2012.09.19.0001
Seventh Umbral Launcher 1.03

Note: The Seventh Umbral Launcher can patch any existing client install to the latest version

Optional Downloads/Quick-setup

Apache MySQL PHP

Setup and Compilation Guides

Compiling (for developers)

Pick this one if you plan on programming or contributing code to Project Meteor.

Compiling (for users)

Pick this one if you only want to run the server.